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PANDROL VORTOK De-Stressing Rollers

The VORTOK® De-Stressing Roller is designed to improve the accuracy and efficiency of rail de-stressing operations.

The VSR system brings a new level of performance, safety and efficiency to the de-stressing process. The VSR system reduces the time it takes to complete the work, reduces the number of people required, provides a safer operation than current de-stressing methods, and results in higher quality track. It replaces old techniques that required three different pieces of equipment. It is an under-roller, side roller and lifting device all in one. The Vortok De-Stressing Rollers provide a low friction system that vastly improves the quality of the de-stressing operation with even distribution of tension along the length of the rail. The fact that the rail is supported over its entire length and that the system is self locking adds to the overall safety of the system. In addition, the life expectancy of the rollers is at least 10 times that of conventional rollers. Therefore, over the life of the equipment, significant savings can be achieved.

Until the introduction of the Vortok De-Stressing Roller system an operator had to use a jack to lift the rail from an unclipped tie. A second operator would then insert under rollers before the rail is allowed to drop back down. This process requires that the operator’s hands go under the rail increasing the risk of injury. With the new system there is no need for the operator’s hand to go under the rail.

The rollers drop into place and lock securely on the shoulder used by the PANDROL rail fastening. The operator then puts the roller in the raised position; all within 10 seconds. The removal process is also fast and easy.

The Vortok De-Stressing Roller system is currently available for use with PANDROL “e” clips on wood ties. The system will be available later this year for PANDROL “e” clips on concrete ties and PANDROL FASTCLIPs and PANDROL SAFELOK I fastenings.