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Pandrol Plastics

PANDROL Tie Pads provide electrical insulation and protects the rail seat.

Pandrol USA’s plastic injection molding plant is now in full production with 8 high capacity injection molding machines and a ninth smaller machine for prototyping and short production runs.

The plant is dedicated to the production of railroad tie pads and insulators that are used with Pandrol’s track fastening systems. By vertically integrating, to produce tie pads and insulators, as well as rail clips for the various Pandrol fastening systems, we are able to more effectively meet our customers’ requirements.

No longer, do our customers need to compete with non-railroad customers at injection molding manufacturers. By controlling the process, from design through material specification, material purchase, and production we have greater flexibility to meet railroads’ needs. The injection molding machines are tightly computer controlled and monitored to insure accurate parts production. The use of State-of-the-Art robotics reduces material handling.


Product features by product sector

  • Specifications
    • Made from high quality polyurethane, rubber, EVA or speciality compounds, depending upon application.
    • Thickness of 5mm, 6.5mm and 10mm
    • Dimensions and geometric pattern vary with rail size and service conditions
    • Designed with sealing ring to prevent intrusion of sand and water into rail seat area.

    Two, three and four part Anti-Abrasion Assemblies are available.