Pandrol ZLR

PANDROL Zero Longitudinal Restraint system is designed to keep track forces from being transmitted to bridge structures.

The ZLR system utilizes a PANDROL ‘PR’ 633A clip and a special intermediate toe plate between the top of the base of the rail and the toe of the clip. This provides a clearance that permits rails to move longitudinally, while holding them vertically in place. The ZLR system provides lateral restraint and prevents rail rollover.

Toe Plate Part Numbers

  • Toe -13516 ZLR toe plate – tie plate “6 (4374-1)
  • Toe -13517 ZLR toe plate – WOS (4374-2)
  • Toe -13518 ZLR toe plate – Cast shoulder (4374-3)
  • Toe -13519 ZLR toe plate – tie plate 5.5 (4374-4)
  • Toe -4374-6 ZLR toe plate – 3″ wide single coined
  • Toe -4374-6W ZLR toe plate – 4″ wide double coined